Now Shelving

Now Shelving…

now shelving

I was so lucky to be able to pick up a couple books I’ve been really looking forward to this week! Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy and Why Not Me? by my absolute fave, Mindy Kaling!


I’ve been hearing about Dumplin’ for months and just had to swing by the bookstore on my way home from work on Tuesday when it came out! I was originally planning to wait until September 29th, when I’m planning to attend an event Julie is doing with Leigh Bardugo in Austin to purchase this one so I could get it signed, but I really just couldn’t wait a few more weeks to read it! So, I guess I’ll be buying two copies of Dumplin’ this month…maybe that means I’ll be doing a giveaway later!

I absolutely ADORED Mindy Kaling’s first book, and pretty much think anything she does is just gold, so of course I had to get her newest book on its release day too! She’s hilarious and I love being able to support (diverse!) women basically kicking ass and taking names in their industry.

Thank you

I owe a HUGE thank you, thank you, thank you to the amazing EMERY LORD and Tiffanie from Mostly YA Lit for the next two books I received in the mail this week! I was so lucky to have won a contest on Tiffanie’s blog to get both of Emery Lord’s books signed and even personalized! I only had a copy of Open Road Summer on my Kindle, and I had read The Start of Me and You from the library earlier this summer, so I’m so glad to have both physical copies on my shelf now! The Start of Me and You is one of my favorite books I’ve read this year (Paige is soooo me!) and I cannot wait to see what Emery Lord does next. THANK YOU SO MUCH, EMORY & TIFFANIE!


I totally tried to make my dog, Ruby, do a photo shoot with the books, but she was NOT into it….


Are you planning on reading any of these books, or have you already?


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